Tiajo is a company specialized in supplying fabrics for workwear and uniforms, market leader in Portugal.


Founded in 1988 with the goal of supplying our customers the best fabric solutions for their workwear needs, we have built our work, since day one, on strong core values, such as precision, innovation, integrity, seriousness and absolute loyalty towards our customers.

It was keeping these values continuously in mind that we started to approach the market, from the very beginning to the lead position we occupy today, and these will continue to be the foundations on which we will always build our work, efforts and dedication.

We understand that an uniform has a huge impact on the motivation and performance of any staff member in an organization. It is also the vehicle with the most impact transmitting the essence of the company to the outside world. Fully aware of this, we are there for you from the very first step you take creating your perfect uniform – the choice of the fabric. We will provide you with the best performing materials, suitable for your own specific needs, with the best prices the market can offer, in the shortest time, hassle free.


We know timing is everything. This is why we make use of all our experience supplying fabrics for workwear and uniforms to create a comprehensive range of base fabrics that we keep continuously available in a never out of stock basis, in a wide range of colors.


So that you can always find at Tiajo the fabrics you need for your workwear needs, whenever you need them.




We rely on a committed experienced team, always ready to fulfill your needs.

We believe that our team is an extension of your company, always available and ready to recommend the best solutions and the best fabrics for your specific needs.




Our fabrics privilege comfort, durability, low maintenance and versatility. So that your uniforms can highlight only the very best of your team and your company.


Security: Resist. Protect. Be visible. Here you will find the fabrics that will allow you to be the hero we know you are. So you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing and focus on what you do the best. Release the hero in you.


Hospitality: You make life sweetest for us and are always there to make that special moment perfect. Here you will find the fabrics that will give you back some of the comfort you are always ready to provide at your job. Durable. Comfortable. Vibrant.


Airlines: Look impeccable. You always make sure that we arrive safe to our destination. Here you will find the fabrics that will assure you the easy care uniform or the perfect shirt even after those thousands of miles’ days. Because it is your confidence that eases our distance.


School: Shine. Here you will find the fabrics that will help you see the star you know your children are, instead of the headache of a messy uniform. Long lasting materials. Washable. So that you can focus on enjoying the present with them and have the spirit to encourage them to build the best future.


Standard: Everything matters. Whether you need to make a simple apron or a resistant jumpsuit, you will find the right fabric here. Consistent. Trustable. Affordable. Fast. Because your standard uniform is always special to us.


Healthcare: From a complicated surgery to taking care of a soured knee, or even just by giving us a comforting smile, your job makes us always feel better. Here you will find the fabrics that will make you feel better at work too. Low maintenance. Resistant to high temperatures’ washes. Safe.



We are very strict in the demand of the highest quality levels, assuring rigorously the fulfilment of all norms and regulations in the market.


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