Immediate delivery on a wide range of base articles.

The wide range of base articles available from stock at Tiajo allows us to offer our customers immediate delivery for these qualities, avoiding them to have to deal with long lead times, uncertainties regarding the delivery, the stop of production lines and high investments for the creation of own stocks.

Possibility of developing special colors and finishing as per your specific needs, within a short period of time.

Close personalized and constant follow up, pre and after sale.
Our team has a wide experience, capable of presenting you the best solutions and options available on the market.

Complete range of products.
Compositions in 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, polyester/cotton, 100% polyester and polyester/viscose. As well as several weights, colors, constructions and special finishings, such as Teflon, waterproof, high visibility, flame retardant, ripstop, anti-static, etc.

Rigorous quality control and finishings as per EU regulations and norms.

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